About Panther Transition Academy

About CCP

Panther Transition Academy (PTA) is a Non-Traditional High School Program operated by the Frankfort Independent Board of Education. The program serves approximately 30 students and their families each year. PTA is a specialized educational program for both male and female youth of high school age who have demonstrated a need to be in a non-traditional setting.

PTA utilizes a team approach in working with individual students. Once a student enrolls in the program the school staff (team) works with the students and their families to continually assess their academic, social, and emotional needs. With the help of the student’s family, the team develops an individualized treatment and education plan which specifies goals that focus on the struggles that led to placement. School social workers/counselors then provide individual and family counseling to meet the needs of each student. Student growth in this plan is monitored through the Phase/Level System where they receive feedback on a daily basis.

In the classroom, teachers utilize prescriptive, individualized instruction that is fully accredited by the Frankfort Independent Board of Education. Students are enrolled in a comprehensive high school academic program and participate fully in the state accountability system. There is an expectation that all students will meet with academic success and make the transition to post-secondary opportunities.

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