Our mission at Frankfort High School is to develop students who are “life-long learners who are civic-minded, college/career ready and progressing to their full potential”. In striving to meet the individual learning need of each student the staff provides a variety of instructional strategies to ensure student success.

Our curriculum currently provides students with a variety of challenging classes including 11 Advanced Placements courses which allow students the opportunity to earn college credit while in high school, a Science Academy career pathway, an Aviation career pathway and a Consumer Science career pathway.

In addition to holding our students to the highest of academic standards we have set a goal to ensure that student’s grades are accurate, consistent, meaningful, and supportive of learning. With that in mind we adopted standards-based grading to help make that possible. Teachers focus on intentionally teaching content standards with a laser-like focus and then assess student mastery of those standards through the use of both formative and summative assessments.

All of these facets go together to ensure students that graduate from Frankfort High School are college and/or career ready and able to move on to the next stages of their lives.


  • All Frankfort High School students will be taught and led by an effective teacher and administrator.
  • Frankfort High School will create a culture that focuses on learning for all.
  • Frankfort High School will hold students and staff accountable for high and rigorous standards as outlined by state standards for testing.
  • Frankfort High School will implement target specific and engaging instruction designed to meet the standards.
  • Frankfort High School will graduate students that are college and/or career ready.
  • Frankfort High School students will have the opportunity to demonstrate learning through a variety of methods that include, but are not limited to, verbal, written, technology and project-based learning skills.
  • Frankfort High School staff will use and communicate data in order to make informed decisions related to teaching and learning, while maintaining high expectations for all.
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