Parent Involvement

FIS Profile of a Kindergartener Parent Guide

Parents and Families, 
We are excited to share the Frankfort Independent School's Portrait of a Kindergartener with you! To download the checklist of important kindergarten readiness skills that you can work on with your child at home, click the link to download below the image.

Summer Readiness Activities Calendar

Download a free FIS Readiness Calendar with fun family activities that will help your child get ready for the first day of kindergarten! Just click the link below the image.

We believe that parents are their child's first and best teachers!



Research shows a strong connection between parent involvement and children’s academic success. In fact studies have shown that the earlier in a child’s educational process parent involvement begins, the more powerful the impact (Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory, School Improvement Research Series).


      We would love to have you involved in our program!


Family Kindergarten Readiness Events

In addition to our Born Learning Academy, each year we have Family Kindergarten Readiness Nights throughout the year. Each event will focus on an area of development to help parents prepare their children for kindergarten.  There is an opportunity for parents, teachers, and preschool students to spend quality time together.

Home Visits

Each preschooler will be visited at home by his/her preschool teacher twice during the school year. Teachers will schedule a home visit each semester to discuss your child’s progress and to share your child’s preschool experiences.

Volunteering in your child’s classroom

Volunteers are welcome and needed to spend time in the classroom or work at home by preparing classroom activities...Your help will be greatly appreciated!

Learning at Home

Parents: You are your child's first and best teacher! What you show them is important to you will be important to them. Preschool children learn best by doing-- it is important for them to have opportunities for talking, singing, reading, writing, and playing at home with you.

The Importance of Talking with Your Child 


The Importance of Singing with Your Child  

 The Importance of Reading with Your Child
The Importance of Writing with Your Child
 The Importance of Playing with Your Child
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