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About P.E.P.

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When: October 11th - October 15th
Morning Drop off:  7:30 am each day
Afternoon Pick up: 3:00 pm each day
If your child is riding the bus to PEP, it will run at 7:00 am in the morning & 3:00 pm in the afternoon for both schools

Registration for Fall P.E.P. 2021, is closed. However, FIS will be hosting P.E.P. again in the Spring! More details to come!


Mrs. Crystal Reeder
P.E.P. Program Director
(502) 875-8661
Mailing Address: 
959 Leestown Lane
Frankfort, KY 40601-2005 


The program mission is to provide opportunities for personal growth, self improvement and academic achievement among the students of Frankfort Independent School District.

As our Vision for FIS states, we are to offer students “inspiring lifelong learning through an unparalleled experience.” The PEP Enrichment session at FIS provides this experience for students to engage in 21st Century Learning, Creativity, and Innovation, as it relates to the rigor, relevance, and relationship building in the district. The culture around PEP will promote personalized learning and social emotional health for a World Class Education. 

Our PEP intersession contains learning components and experiential learning opportunities where students actively participate in the world around them. They are able to use their learning experiences offered in Enrichment to enhance educational outcomes, making real world connections & activating prior knowledge. 

Offering Enrichment builds into the FIS vision of closing opportunity gaps for all student populations, by making PEP free to families across the district.  Our Culturally Responsive approach will engage the community, promote an inclusive school culture, provide supportive resources, and offer student-centered learning experiences. 

PEP week will build upon college and career readiness for our high school students, giving them opportunity and access to prepare for their future. They will visit Trade Schools and Colleges across the state, building their resume for the future. Our K-8 students will participate in innovative and personalized learning through the Louisville Science Center, Newton’s Attic STEM experience, The Frazier History Museum and many more.  PEP Enrichment is built around cultivating and growing partnerships in community and statewide organizations to create a sustainable program supported by our stakeholders. We ARE Frankfort!

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P.E.P. Panther Enrichment Program

P.E.P. Panther Enrichment Program
Second Street School Tentative Schedule, Fall 2021

UPDATE, 10/11/21
*Students may bring a snack & water bottle each day to P.E.P., but they will need to keep up with it throughout the day. A small shoulder bag or sling pack can hold their items.  
*On days that activities are outside, like the Zoo or Eckert's, sunscreen should be worn or sent.  
*Tennis shoes are probably a good idea to wear as your child will be doing a lot of walking. 
*The only day there is a chance of rain is Friday, in the afternoon, so a light raincoat may be needed that day.
*A lot of places your child is visiting is kept at a cool temperature inside, so light sleeves may be a good idea. 

Day 1:  
K-1 students will become artists as we partner with the Yes Arts program. Your child will become an artist of writing, drama, visual, music, & culinary. Our littles will take home a special item!

2-3 students will visit the Lexington Living Arts Program for experiential learning stations and hands on fun.  
4-8 will take a trip to Newton's Attic stimulating interest in Science & Engineering. They will interact with Rockets, G-force, SPINtron & more with STEM activities.

Day 2:
Get ready for an adventure, all students K-3 will visit the Louisville Science Center (exhibits, movies, classes, labs)  Lunch on site (Subway)
Grades 4-8 will visit the Frazier Museum in Louisville for day of exploring and hands-on learning experiences

Day 3:
Grades K-3 will spend the day at the Louisville Zoo exploring and discovering through experiential observations!
Grades 4-8 will spend the day at the Rosenwald Center.  There, they will divide into groups and attend station activities in robotics, science experiments, flight simulators, Game Rom, Aquaponic(plants & fish in an aquaculture) and Environmental Quality.  

Day 4:
Grades K-3 will travel to Louisville to experience the Frazier Kentucky History Museum for a hands-on learning, exploring, and investigating experience.  
Grades 4-8 will be visiting the State Capitol Building

Day 5:
Grades K-3 will visit Eckert's Farm where they will pick apples, take home a pumpkin, take a ride on the wagon, play on the strawpiles, ride the push pedal cars, enjoy the corn maze, and interact on the playground facility!!
Then Grades 4-8 will head off to the Franklin Center of Innovation. Only the first 30 will go on this adventure, as spaces are limited.  Additional 4th - 8th students will participate in the Yes Arts Program & we have something amazing planned for this!

Frankfort High School Tentative Schedule, Fall 2021

Day 1:  Building Institute Technical Center, Lexington Ky (Lunch ordered & Included)
(This industry is in high demand for female students)   (Lunch Included)
Arrive to school by 8:00, Bus arrives to Building Institute by 9:00, Return to FHS by 2:00

Day 2: Morehead State University College Visit  (Lunch Included on campus at The Rock)
Arrive to school 8:00 , Bus arrives to MSU by 9:30, Return to FHS by 2:30

Day 3: Eastern Kentucky University College Visit   (Lunch Included on Campus)
Arrive to school by 8:30, Bus arrives to EKU by 10:30, Return to FHS by 2:30

Day 4: BCTC Technical College,  Newtown Campus Tour(Lunch at the Historic Joe Bologna's Pizza)
Arrive to school by 8:00, Bus arrives to BCTC by 9:00, Return to FHS by 2:30

Day 5: University of Louisville College Visit  (Lunch Included on Campus)
Arrive to school by 8:00, Bus arrives to U of L by 10:00, Return to FHS by 2:30 

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