District Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan

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5-Year Strategic Plan
Board of Education Goals:
1. Provide an engaging and rigorous student centered program.
2. Create a Culture of Excellence.
3. Recruit and retain Highly Qualified Teachers that reflect our population.
4. Fully support teacher growth.
5. Develop efficient and effective operational procedures and key processes. 

District and School Support and Improvement Framework:
1. Student Outcome Data
2. Perceptual Data
3. Implementation Data
4. Leadership Data  


Frankfort Independent Schools is a community based school district, committed to academic excellence, personal achievement, and professional integrity. We provide learning opportunities in a caring, safe and healthy environment, responsive
to each student, in collaboration with families and the community.

Transforming lives by instilling 21st century skills and inspiring lifelong learning in every student through an unparalleled experience and tradition of excellence.

Core Principles:

Core Purpose:
Name and claim each and every child so that all students contribute to society and thrive in their future.
Core Values:
Community, Learning, Relationships, Respect, Excellence, Equity

Core Approach:
3:1 approach for each and every child focused on Social/Emotional supports, Academic/Behavioral supports and Access to Opportunity/Pathway (with Mentoring) supports.
Measuring Our Success – Milestones (Student Progress)
Milestone 1 – Each and every child will be reading and writing at proficient and advanced levels by 3rd Grade.
Milestone 2 – Each and every child will be performing at proficient and advanced levels in Reading, Writing, and Math by 8th Grade.
Milestone 3 – Each and every child will graduate college and career ready on time.

Strategic Objectives:

Six Strategic Objectives:
Objective 1 – World Class Education
Objective 2 – Connected Community School
Objective 3 – Enhanced Human Capital Performance
Objective 4 – 21st Century Technology and Facilities
Objective 5 – Efficient and Effective Operations
Objective 6 – Safe and Secure Facilities
*Objectives are equally valued as integral components of the FIS 5 Year Strategic Plan.
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